Heritage Farms B - Luxury Estate in Zirad, Alibaug

15.50 Cr - 1.02 acres

Zirad, Alibaug.

Property Details :
The property is located just a few kilometers away from Mumbai, lies the lovely city of Alibaug – also referred to as the 'Hamptons' of Mumbai. Alibaug as a destination transports you to a bygone era of untouched natural beauty, pristine views and windy beaches.

The land also provides a 180-degree unobstructed view of the mountain ranges on the east side, which allows you to enjoy stunning sunrises at dusk as the golden light fills the sky over the mountain range 

Estate B
Plot Size: 1.02 acres 
No. of Bedrooms: 4.5
Total Built Area: ~5,940 sq. ft (incl. Balconies, terraces, sit-outs and staff quarter)

Distance to the Alibaug Market
Place: 8 minutes drive
Distance to the closest restaurants:
Boardwalk by Flamboyante, Kiki's Café & Deli - 15 minutes drive from KOLABA FORT (Kashid )


Arif Lalani