Buy 60 Guntha plot at Sasawane | Alibaug

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Sasawane, Alibaug.

Property Details :

Buy 60 Guntha plot/land at Sasawane - Alibaug

  • The property has village road Access.
  • The property is just 2 Km From Mandwa Jetty
  • It’s a rectangular plot.
  • The plot is partially fenced

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Unlock Your Dream Investment in Sasawane Alibaug

At Stheera, we bring your dream projects to life. We're thrilled to present an exclusive opportunity to own a stunning 60 Guntha plot in the tranquil environs of Sasawane village, Alibaug. This prime property is a gem, located just 2 kilometres from Mandwa Jetty, promising a blend of peace, natural beauty, and unparalleled convenience.

Location and Accessibility

Alibaug is surrounded by serene landscapes, which are away from Mumbai and other bustling cities. Sasawane is the perfect plot situated to offer the best of things, like the calmness of a picturesque village and the accessibility to major transport links. Within a short kilometre drive from Mandwa Jetty, this location provides instant and fast connections to Mumbai and beyond. Whether you are planning for a weekend retreat or a permanent residence, this location ensures you stay connected.

Versatility and Convenience

This versatile layout is the perfect plot that can accommodate numerous architectural designs. The shape of the plot provides exceptional possibilities for building a custom-built home or even a commercial venture. There is a village road access, and transportation of materials and movement in and out of the property are straightforward and hassle-free. This convenience significantly enhances the appeal and value of the land.

Partially Fenced Property

Security and privacy are paramount when considering a property purchase. This plot comes partially fenced, giving you a head start on securing your investment. The existing fencing provides a clear boundary and a sense of enclosure, which is particularly important for those who value privacy. It also helps in planning and laying out the initial phases of construction, ensuring your project gets off to a smooth start.

Natural Beauty and Scenic Surroundings

Sasawane Village is renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil environment. Investing in this plot means embracing a lifestyle that values peace, relaxation, and connection with nature. The greenery space and surreal surroundings make a perfect backdrop for building a sanctuary away from the chaos of city life.

Residential or Commercial Use

When you manifest for a luxurious vacation home with a calm and permanent residence or a profitable commercial venture, these plots provide the perfect flexibility to meet your requirements. The sizeable area and the beneficial location near Mandwa Jetty make it suitable for various types of developments. Think holiday rentals, a boutique bed and breakfast, or even a wellness retreat. The possibilities are truly endless.

Future Potential with Smart Investment

The growing popularity of Alibaug as a favored destination enhances the investment potential of this property. Real estate in this region is appreciating, making this plot not just a place to build your dreams but a smart financial decision. Owning a piece of land in such a coveted location promises substantial returns, whether through personal use or future resale value.

Join the Journey

At Stheera, we are committed to making your property purchase simple and smooth. For further information regarding pricing details, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our professional team is here to help you at every step, ensuring you have all the support you need to make an informed decision.

Secure Your Piece of Heaven

 This 60 Guntha plot in Sasawane, Alibaug, represents an exceptional opportunity to invest in a prime piece of real estate. With its excellent location, versatile layout, and significant future potential, it stands out as a valuable asset. Contact Stheera today to embark on the journey of transforming this land into your dream project. Safeguard your slice of paradise, and let us help you build the future you envision.


Arif Lalani