11.5 acres land for sale

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Saral-Duttapada – Alibaug

Property details :

Zone –G2

Total area 457 gunthas ie. 11.5 acres.

More 6-7 acres can be acquired adjoining to the proposed property

NOTE:-Part of Saralhas been renamed as DuttapadaSurvey nos. also changed.


  • Mumbai to Plot –103 km.
  • Pune to Plot –144 km.
  • Alibag to Plot –22 km.
  • MandwaJetty to Plot –8.2 km.

Land type –Agricultural land.

Mango, Coconut, and other fruit-bearing trees.

Randon trees.

Electricity is available.

Water well with ample water.

Access –Saral–Mhatroli internal village road



Arif Lalani