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Kihim Beach | Alibaug

Property Details :

  • 58 Guntha plot for at sale alibaug near Kihim Beach.
  • Internal Village road is accessible.
  • 100 meters from Kihim Beach
  • 12 km from Mandwa jetty.
  • The plot is partially fenced.

View Land Video Link: https://youtu.be/9LdzVuuWGzM

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Spotlight on a 58 Guntha Plot Near Kihim Beach

Among our distinguished listings is a captivating 58 Guntha plot near the enchanting Kihim Beach in Alibaug. The Land for Sale in Alibaug is situated near the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) and is simply accessible through the internal village road. Also, there is land just 100 meters from the pristine shores of Kihim Beach and 12 km from Mandwa Jetty; this specifically fenced plot is a golden opportunity for development or investment.

Key Features:

Expansive 58 Guntha plot near Kihim Beach

Convenient access via internal village road

Mere 100 meters from Kihim Beach

12 km from Mandwa Jetty

Partially fenced for added security

View Land Video: Watch Here

The Stheera Experience

Choosing Stheera means entrusting your real estate aspirations to a team committed to excellence. We are committed to making your property journey in Alibaug smooth, enjoyable, and ultimately successful. Let us aid you in navigating the market, securing the best opportunities and transforming your property dreams into real ones.

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